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Wayne Gerard Lionel Trotman was born in May 1964 in San Fernando, Trinidad, where he attended San Fernando Boys’ R.C. School.

In 1975, aged 10, he achieved exceptional results in his Common Entrance exam and was awarded a scholarship to Presentation College, San Fernando, one of the premier secondary schools in the Caribbean...

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Psychic Wars

Roman Doyle has been living a normal life as a married 25-year-old schoolteacher. When five large men attack him, he’s confident in his ability to defend himself. But, this isn’t an ordinary mugging.

Roman doesn’t know that he is Prince Sakara, heir apparent of the True Emperor of a distant galaxy and his muggers are agents, sent to kill him...

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Kaya Abaniah

Kaya Abaniah believes he’s an ordinary fourteen-year-old college student. He lives with his mother on the Caribbean island of Trinidad; he’s passionate about wildlife conservation and has a crush on the prettiest girl in his class.

However, one fateful day, Kaya’s life is changed forever when he encounters Papa Bois...

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The author's writing style is truly brilliant and his ability to draw you into his universe is second to none.

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...a medley of science fiction tropes, from aliens and spaceships to telepathy and artificial intelligence.

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This is an entertaining kung fu film that mixes action, comedy, sex, and brutal, brutal violence.

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...Trotman really deserves his own genre. It's alive, vibrant, fascinating, and intricate.

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What's new?

New releases and new editions.

On 18th March 2021, Red Moon published A Turtle's Adventures.

The seventh of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, A Turtle's Adventures is about Shelly, a leatherback sea turtle, who returns to her hatching beach in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to lay her eggs. There, on Matura Beach, she shares her tales of her adventures with jellyfish, sharks, and killer whales. A Turtle's Adventures was a winner in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2021. Learn more.

On 12th December 2020, Red Moon published A Letter from a Gorilla.

The sixth of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, A Letter from a Gorilla is about Silverback Jeremy, an endangered mountain gorilla who lives in Africa. If he could write us a letter, what do you think he would say? Learn about the threats to mountain gorillas and what we can do to help protect them. A Letter from a Gorilla won a Literary Titan Book Award 2021. Learn more.

On 8th September 2020, Red Moon published Believe in Fairies.

An illustrated rhyming fairy tale for the young and the young at heart by Wayne Gerard Trotman & Sherrie Trotman, Believe in Fairies encourages appreciation for endangered wildflowers. From an idea by Sherrie Trotman, believe and you may see the fairy folk tonight. Believe in Fairies won a Literary Titan Book Award 2020. Learn more.

On 16th August 2020, Red Moon published Song of the Blue Whale.

The fifth of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, Song of the Blue Whale is about the largest and loudest animal on Earth. Despite a global whaling ban, the blue whale remains endangered. The book encourages children and their parents to sponsor whales, recycle, use less plastic, discard rubbish responsibly and be more mindful humans. Song of the Blue Whale won a Literary Titan Book Award 2020. Learn more.

On 30th May 2020, Red Moon published Mattie Boombalatty.

The fourth of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, Mattie Boombalatty is Wayne Gerard Trotman's first fairy tale. When Mattie goes to a new school, rich girls tease, taunt, and bully her. A visitor comes to her rescue but he isn't what anyone expects. Learn how Mattie deals with the girls’ cruelty without becoming cruel herself. Mattie Boombalatty won a Literary Titan Book Award 2020. Learn more.

On 28th January 2020, Red Moon published An Elephant's Advice.

The third of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, An Elephant's Advice is about Tun Tun, a baby African forest elephant. He received sound advice from his parents when they are ambushed by a hunter and a poacher. About 55 of these intelligent animals are killed each day for their ivory. Educating future generations is vital in the fight against this terrible crime. An Elephant's Advice was a winner in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2020. Learn more.

On 5th November 2019, Red Moon published A Tiger's Tale.

The second of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, A Tiger's Tale is about a Sumatran Tiger. The Indonesian island of Sumatra is the only place where tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans live together. They are all endangered. However, with estimated numbers as low as 300 and 400 respectively, the Sumatran rhino and Sumatran tiger are critically endangered. A Tiger's Tale was a winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019. Learn more.

On 16th October 2019, Red Moon published The Last Honey Bee.

The first of Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories, The Last Honey Bee features Manderlee, an adventurous honey bee, and the challenges she must overcome when her hive is destroyed. Join Manderlee in her search to find a new home. Learn about the importance of honey bees, and join her on her perilous journey to a foreign land. Will the last honey bee survive? The Last Honey Bee was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019. Learn more.

Supernatural Literature

Kaya Abaniah and the Father of the Forest.

A coming-of-age science fiction adventure novel, set in the Caribbean.

Editor Thomas Riggs noted that Kaya Abaniah and the Father of the Forest was the most recent work reviewed in Supernatural Literature, a 3-volume encyclopaedia published by St. James Press covering the literature of the supernatural across the canon, including such notable works as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. In 2020, Kaya Abaniah and the Father of the Forest won a Literary Titan Book Award.

What's next?

Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories.

Seven premium hardcover children's books are available. 

Wayne Gerard Trotman has written seven books, in rhyme, to make young children aware of the importance of honey bees and the plights of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, African forest elephant, blue whale, African mountain gorilla and leatherback sea turtle.

Mattie Boombalatty deals with bullying at school and is the only rhyming fairy tale of the seven books.

Architects of the Psychic Wars.

The next instalment in the Psychic Wars saga is coming - the sequel to Veterans of the Psychic Wars. 

Wayne Gerard Trotman has commenced writing Architects of the Psychic Wars. Several years have passed since the epic Battle of Miru and the events of Veterans of the Psychic Wars. There is a new danger. Death whispers his name. May the scribes record it. May it be written; may it be done.